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    popmace Newbie

      I created an object o using javassist. The object implements an existing interface I.
      Now when I tried {I i=(I)o } ie to cast the object into the interface it is throwing ClassCastException
      What might be wrong ?
      If it is not possible how to I use the objects created using javassist.

      Thank you

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          Shigeru Chiba Expert

          Using the reflection API is an easier way to call a
          method in the class you dynamically define. This is
          not the limitation by Javassist but the Java

          Otherwise, you should carefully control your class
          loader that will load the class A so that it would
          delegate loading the interface I to the parent class

          Using a class loader is really difficult. It might be
          better to carefully read Section 4 of the Javassist
          tutorial before writing a program.