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    How to specify for JVM the stack for ONE specific thread tha

    calegari Newbie

      Hello all!

      First of all I'd like to appologise... I know this theme might be missplaced, but in Sun Java Forums nobody was able to come up with a solution. If you know a better forum to place it, please let me know.

      I have an application that launches several threads of different types. One of them is quite specific and run a critical JNI C++ process. The remaining ones are just for controling of other stuff... When I call the application by the command line

      java -classpath ... -Xss20m -Djava.library.path ... pack.subpack.myApp

      the application usually crashes: My computer has 256MB RAM of memory that vanish in seconds and causes an OutOfMemoryException

      Sometimes the application works properly, but sometimes the memory usage goes up fast until a general crash.

      What I believe that is going on:
      When we declare -Xss20m, I undestand that for each thread the JVM will attemp to allocate more 20MB, and if I have 10 threads, it goes up to 200MB and so on; however I'd like to have 20MB just for my critical process (that is called in one specific thread) and not for any thread.

      If I try to reduce -Xss parameter to, let's say 10MB, my C++ process overflow the JVM stack for the thread.

      So, does any body have know how to solve it? Please... I need experts help!

      Thanks a lot,