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    Problem with findByxxx() method

    praveenk Newbie

      I have a problem with findByxxx() method.. in Container managed bean.

      i have
      Collection collection = home.findByOwnerName("fieldValue");
      specified in my Client Program, where ownerName is the cmp fieldname..


      public Collection findByOwnerName(String ownerName) throws RemoteException, FinderException

      defined in my home interface.
      i have not mentioned the findBy() method anywhere else (Bean class).

      Even if i have a same "fieldValue" in the database (Oracle), which i specified in findBy() method, iam a result of owner Not found, which is not the case as i have that owner name.

      for the same application if i use findByPrimaryKey(), it is working..

      Can any one please post me the solution.