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    editing java byte-code from a byte[]

    vik Newbie

      hello ppl...

      I have previously used javaassist to create new beans on the fly but had run into some problems with a new feature i was trying to implement.

      This time the class byte-code obtained from the toBytecode() function is stored in a object repository implementing a raw version control scheme on it. I am also using a custom class loader to make "Class" objects out of the required version of the byte-code and then make objects of that class.

      Now I also wanted to implement a byte-code editing utility for this repository. This utility should take input in form of byte[] arrays, perform the specified modification and then write the byte[] back to the repository.

      so now how do i edit the class represented by the byte-code in the byte[] array ??
      i am in a total fix....it seems the effort in making the repository was a total waste especially if i cannot edit the class.

      any one having a clue on how to do this ? Have i missed some feature of javassist ?
      any help shall be highly appreciated.