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    atg dynamo over to jboss

    hoi tsang Newbie


      we are planning to switch over from atg dynamo to jboss (or we should say j2ee standard). we spent way too much for dynamo -- and we are smart enough not to use they scenerio servers (duno why we are still using them).

      here is now i am heading towards moving it over to jboss. i just want to ask if anyone who had done it before, and would like to give us some pain point and supernatural thing that happended.

      at last, please do pray for us. i am crossing my fingers.. thx.


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          Moritz Petersen Newbie


          we do plan the same, unfortunately, we also need to migrate scenarios. We are still evaluating an optimal migration path and open source frameworks that make the migration as painless as possible. So far we identified

          - JBoss / Tomcat
          - Expresso
          - Hibernate
          - jBpm

          as our favourite frameworks. Does anyone else have similar experiences?