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    Problem with .jar creation

    nikleas Newbie

      Perhaps i'll pass for a newbie for this, but what the hell!

      I created an application that dynamicly create classes using javassist and created the .jar for this appli.
      The problem is, when i run the thing with java -jar myjar.jar , it creates successfully dynamicly the .class files, but of course, not in the .jar. So when i try to access, later in the program, the newly created class, i have the usual error of class not found.

      I guess it is just a matter of setting the good manifest jar, or calling the virtual machine with some other arguments, but as i'm new developer java i don't know all the tricks yet...
      So if someone can please help me out ?
      thanks :)


      For the record, the application in question is a frame viewer.
      I created a library to do some frame oriented language programming but in java, and the appli just display a frame and what it contains (slot, daemons, etc.). I used javassist to create the frame so they become real classes once the user instanciate the frame he described. I know i could very well have done such a thing without javassist, but it was... for the fun of it i guess :)