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    rich:inputNumberSpinner submits on keypress=enter

    Oddgeir Bell Newbie

      Steps to reproduce:
      Put rich:inputNumberSpinner inside a form.
      Manul input enabled. Put focus in manual input-field and press enter.
      Form submits.
      Ok, fair enough. Just use onkeypress="return false" and/or onkeyup="return false", right? (with if (event.keyCode==13) etc...)

      Am I being totally braindead as often happens, or is there something wrong here?

      If I use a h:inputText insted, it doesn't submit on enter.

      <rich:inputNumberSpinner value="1" onkeypress="return false" onkeyup="return false" minValue="1" maxValue="10" />

      Same thing with rich:inputNumberSlider...