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    package name change

    Shigeru Chiba Expert

      We are now developing Javassist 3.0.

      I think the next release (in a week?) will be named 3.0 RC1.
      Although this release is quite stable, I will give 3.0 to the
      vesion tested with Java 5.0. Since Java 5 is still RC, Javassist
      is also RC. This is because one of the main goals of Javassist 3.0
      is to support new features of Java 5, such as annotations.

      (This does not mean Javassist runs only with Java 5. It still runs
      with Java 1.3.)

      Before releasing Javassist 3.0 RC1, I am going to change the
      package names from javassist.* to org.javassist.*.

      According to Java's naming convention, the package name should
      be org.javassist.* but renaming breaks the backward compatibility.

      So I would like to know your thought.
      Does anybody have strong objection?