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    jboss 3.2.5 & j2sdk1.4.2_05 problems

    peppe peppino Newbie


      "CasaDelNorte" wrote:
      "CasaDelNorte" wrote:
      When Jboss (3.2.3) starts up, with an active scheduler-service.xml deployed, it always fails with:

      ObjectName: jboss:service=Scheduler
      state: FAILED
      I Depend On:
      Depends On Me: org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Exception setting attribute javax.management.Attribute: name=SchedulableClass value=InventoryAvailability on mbean jboss:service=Scheduler; - nested throwable: (java.security.InvalidParameterException: Given class InventoryAvailability is not not found)

      Oddly, I can re-save the scheduler-service.xml in the deploy directory, and it works just fine:
      | Availability Report
      <$mbean code="org.jboss.varia.scheduler.Scheduler"
      <$attribute name="StartAtStartup">true</$attribute>
      <$attribute name="SchedulableClass">InventoryAvailability</$attribute>
      <$attribute name="SchedulableArguments">17,US</$attribute>
      <$attribute name="SchedulableArgumentTypes">int,java.lang.String</$attribute>
      <$attribute name="InitialStartDate">NOW</$attribute>
      <$attribute name="SchedulePeriod">6000</$attribute>
      <$attribute name="InitialRepetitions">2</$attribute>
      (I added the leading $ to force the code to appear here)

      Anyone have any ideas or hunches?