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    Get a private final static  field

    Dominique Dechamps Newbie


      Is it possible with Javassist, knowing its name and type, to get the value of a private final static field, without instantiating the class and without method call ? I don't want to have risk building an object I don't know the behavior.
      I think I need to use CtClass.getDeclaredField(fieldName), unfortunatly (for me ...and you ;-) there is no obvious getValue() in CtField or CtFieldInfo ....
      Thank you for an example with a String field.


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          Shigeru Chiba Expert

          You can obtain the value of a final static field if you go down
          to the lower-level API of Javassist (I agree that the next
          release of Javassist support this function with the regular

          You must get a java.bytecode.FieldInfo object from CtField
          and then obtain a ConstantAttribute object from that
          FieldInfo. Finally, you must search a constant pool in a
          class file to find the field value.

          Note that this way works only for some basic types of fields,
          for example, int or String.

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            Dominique Dechamps Newbie

            Thanks you Chiba, I'll do my best with the low-level API ....
            I have tried the solution you give.
            My field private final static String JDEdoc was created thru javassist using a static initializer.
            Here under the output I obtain trying to get the value of JDEdoc in the class bytecode. According to the output,the JDEdoc field has no Attribute and no index in the Constant pool
            Using the "ByteCode Viewer" tool, I can see the value in the clinit code
            ldc #22 <..1p1yga ....here is the value I need .....>
            invokespecial #25 <java/lang/String.>
            putstatic #18 <JA/Tools/jdep/test/BCLASS.JDEdoc>
            So I have to decompile the clinit bytecode and fetch inside it the relationship beetween entry 14 and entry 21?
            Scanning for LDC/INVOKESPECIAL/PUTSTATIC sequence in clinit,I can obtain the value I need.
            11=ldc #22 1p1yga .........here is the value I need .....
            13=invokespecial 25
            16=putstatic 18 JDEdoc

            Sequence found
            Value=1p1ygaqw3uj ........here is the value I need .....

            In that case, is there an easiest way to proceed?
            Is it possible to find directly in constant pool the relation #22 <==> #18?


            //// THE OUTPUT ////
            Field JDEdoc descriptor is Ljava/lang/String;
            Field JDEdoc is private static final
            Field JDEdoc has a constant_pool table.
            1 Method #3, name&type #10
            2 Class #11
            3 Class #12
            4 UTF8 ""
            5 UTF8 "()V"
            6 UTF8 "Code"
            7 UTF8 "LineNumberTable"
            8 UTF8 "SourceFile"
            9 UTF8 "BCLASS.java"
            10 NameAndType #4, type #5
            11 UTF8 "JA/Tools/jdep/test/BCLASS"
            12 UTF8 "java/lang/Object"
            13 UTF8 ""
            14 UTF8 "JDEdoc"
            15 UTF8 "Ljava/lang/String;"
            16 Class #11
            17 NameAndType #14, type #15
            18 Field #16, name&type #17
            19 UTF8 "java/lang/String"
            20 Class #19
            21 UTF8 "1p1yga ....here is the value I need ...."
            22 String #21
            23 UTF8 "(Ljava/lang/String;)V"
            24 NameAndType #4, type #23
            25 Method #20, name&type #24
            26 UTF8 "getDocumentation"
            27 UTF8 "()Ljava/lang/String;"
            28 NameAndType #14, type #15
            29 Field #16, name&type #28
            30 UTF8 "JA/Utils/Gzip"
            31 Class #30
            32 UTF8 "gunzip36"
            33 UTF8 "(Ljava/lang/String;)[B"
            34 NameAndType #32, type #33
            35 Method #31, name&type #34
            36 UTF8 "([B)V"
            37 NameAndType #4, type #36
            38 Method #20, name&type #37
            39 UTF8 "JA/Interfaces/JDEDocumentation"
            40 Class #39
            41 UTF8 "JA/Interfaces/JDESource"
            42 Class #41
            43 UTF8 "JA/Interfaces/JDE"
            44 Class #43
            Field JDEdoc has no index into the constant_pool table.
            FieldInfo for Field JDEdoc has 0 Attributes
            Field JDEdoc has a null ConstantValue