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    Introduction to code injection

    Daniel Cardin Newbie


      This is my first adventure with Javassist and I would need some pointers to get me started. Actually, I have an understanding of most of the concepts, but what I'm trying to do is not working and I'd like someone to point me in the right direction. That being said :

      I have a superclass, for various reasons, I declare fields with no getters / setters as I want them to be generated dynamically.

      I have a class that extends the superclass into which some more injection is done.

      Now, what is the proper way to have the classes loaded automatically and instrumented before the system classloader sees them.

      Are there special precautions considering I'm modifying a hierarchy ?

      I suspect I will have to use the Translator with a custom classloader maybe ?

      Thanks for your help

      Javassist newbie on day one :)