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    Problem with Verify Error Inconsistent stack height 0 != 1

    Kiranlal Purushothaman Newbie


      we are using java assist to create dynamic classes. We are facing a problem of verify error. If we just print the generated code and put it in a java file and compile, it works perfect. but if we use the class file which is generated by javassist directly, then this error comes. We have a method which is having around 2500 lines which is generated.. Is that the problem ?

      it may be because of the error in the code standards, but the code size is too big to debug with normal means..
      is there a way to debug this problem ?...
      pls help...

      the generated code and the class file can be provided..
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.VerifyError: (class: com/emirates/pie/core/parser/implementation/positional/FFM5Par
      ser, method: parseText signature: ([C)Lcom/emirates/pie/transferobjects/MessageDTO;) Inconsistent stack height 0 != 1
      at com.emirates.pie.test.ParseMsg.main(ParseMsg.java:28)