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    RuntimeException: cannot set to static

    Martin Burger Newbie


      I wrote a class that removes final modifier from given classes, here's the most relevant method:

      public void instrument(CtClass clazz) {
       int modifiers = clazz.getModifiers();
       if (Modifier.isFinal(modifiers)) {
       logger.info("Will remove final modifier from class: " + clazz.getName());
       logger.debug("Old modifiers: " + Modifier.toString(modifiers));
       int newModifiers = Modifier.clear(modifiers, Modifier.FINAL);
       logger.debug("New modifiers: " + Modifier.toString(newModifiers));
       } else {
       logger.debug("Class is not final, nothing do change: " + clazz.getName());

      Running my util on the JDK classes results in an exception:

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: cannot set to static
       at javassist.CtClassType.setModifiers(CtClassType.java:374)

      The last lines of my log are:

      307 [ main] TRACE mon.javassist.FileInstrumenter - Current jar entry: com/sun/corba/se/impl/corba/AnyImpl$AnyInputStream.class
      307 [ main] INFO y.framework.utils.FinalRemover - Will remove final modifier from class: com.sun.corba.se.impl.corba.AnyImpl$AnyInputStream
      308 [ main] DEBUG y.framework.utils.FinalRemover - Old modifiers: static final
      308 [ main] DEBUG y.framework.utils.FinalRemover - New modifiers: static

      The class CtClassType contains the following lines:

      public void setModifiers(int mod) {
       if (Modifier.isStatic(mod))
       throw new RuntimeException("cannot set to static");
       int acc = AccessFlag.of(mod) | AccessFlag.SUPER;

      So, why is it not possible to change the modifier from "static final" to "static"? AFAIK, static inner classes are allowed, aren't they?

      Regards, Martin