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    XML signature and KeySelectors class: howto ?

    Simone Taliercio Newbie

      Hi Community,

      I sign a XML message (really, soap message) and then I sent it
      to the server. The server could validate XML signed, but verification
      fails (server say that signature is invalid :( )
      The strange is if I implement signing line code and validate line in
      same class, then all works (and signature is valid);
      I think the problem it is in follow few lines:

      DOMValidateContext valContext = new DOMValidateContext(new
      KeyValueKeySelector(), signatureTag);
       XMLSignature signature =
       // Validate the XMLSignature (generated above)
       boolean isSignatureValid= signature.validate(valContext);

      The KeyValueKeySelector is a private static class (within main
      classes) that extends KeySelectors. It seems on client side method of
      this class are executed automatically and validate the signature; if I
      move validation on server side, this class seems not is automatically
      What is the magic of KeySelectors class??

      Thanks to all!

      Ide: netbeans 5.5
      AS: Sun Application Server 9.0
      package: XML Signature Api