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    not able to get Response from other applicaion deployed in t

    kalyan raja Newbie

      i have two applications named as "OrderCenter" and other "DocStore"

      "OrderCenter" Appln from Action class hits the "DocStore" Application and gets the xml data and stores it in ApplicationContext, it is working fine.

      But the same block of code from Action class (i.e OrderCenter Appln) is moved to AppIntialize.java(i.e This class will be loaded on start up of server),
      now the appln is not able to get the xml data from "DocStore" Appln,
      and in the log file also there are no errors.

      the appln is working fine when that block code is in ActionClass,
      but when the same block of code is moved to AppIntialize.java(loaded at server startup) then the problem is occured, the main problem is not able to get the data from "DocStore" Appln.