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    Proxy serialization, ok but what about inner Objects ?

    Lecan Newbie


      I working with proxies build with ProxyFactory method.
      How to us it is describe in javadoc.

      When I want to serialize/deserialize it, everything seems to be ok except that only proxy instance is serialized, not inner objects.


      Object "A" contains an instance of "B"

      After serialization/deserialization, instance of "B" in "A" is null

      Something to configure or is it a bug ?

      When I look at this code :

      public static SerializedProxy makeSerializedProxy(Object proxy)
      throws java.io.InvalidClassException
      Class clazz = proxy.getClass();
      return new SerializedProxy(clazz, ProxyFactory.getFilter(clazz),

      I don't understand how serialization can keep inner objects ...