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    Duplicate a method

    Guy Korland Newbie


      I'm trying to duplicate a method, what is the a best practice?

      public void foo(){
      some code...

      add another duplicate method:

      public void foo(int i){
      some code...

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          Luca Ferrari Newbie

          You are not trying to duplicate, rather to overload the method. I usually do this:
          1) create a StringBuffer where I place the java source code for the new method;
          2) use CtNewMethod.make() to obtain a new CtMethod for the source code;
          3) add the method to the CtClass.

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            Guy Korland Newbie

            The thing is that I want the new method to look the same as the original code, for that I want to copy the original code.

            The problem is that when I use the:
            newMethod.setBody(method, null); to copy the original body I need to add the following code to fix the MaxLocals:
            CodeAttribute code = newMethod.getMethodInfo().getCodeAttribute();
            code.setMaxLocals(code.getMaxLocals() + 1);

            Isn't there a better way?


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              Shigeru Chiba Expert

              Your way is dangerous. Suppose the following method:

              int foo(int i) {
              int j = 3;
              return j + i;

              At the bytecode level, the variable i would be register 1 and j would be register 2.

              If you add a parameter k, you must change the bytecode
              of the method body so that the variable j will be register
              3 because k will be register 2.

              Current Javassist does not provide direct support for
              adding a new parameter. :-<

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                Guy Korland Newbie

                Yes, thanks I found it myself few days ago, do you think there's a way to make it happen anyway?