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    Suggestion for CodeConverter

    Carlos XXXXX Newbie

      Hi all,

      I would like to make a simple suggestion that imo would make the
      javassist's CodeConverter a lot more useful than it is now.

      Namely, that the static replacements for fields and methods take not
      only the target object but the respective ctfield or ctmethod also.
      This way, you're not forced to keep a 1-1 relation between the
      replacements and the originals, being able to dynamically change
      reaction in view of the currently accessed field or method instead.

      For example a replacement for a field read could lookup a bean in a
      registry addressing it by a name that could be the field name itself,
      or a name synthesized from its class, or maybe an identifier provided
      by an annotation. This would implement an style of dependency

      What do you think?