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    Best Practice for 'Wrapping' a Method

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      Sorry if this question has been answered in another thread - please point me to the relevent answer if this has already been answered.

      In Section 4 of the java assist tutorial it gives an example where a method is 'wapped'in another method, i.e.:

      void move(int newX, int newY) { x = newX; y = newY; }
      void move(int newX, int newY, int newZ) {
       // do what you want with newZ.
       move(newX, newY);

      What is the best practice to do add the second method to a class in Javassist given bytecode containing the first method?

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          Michael Parkin Newbie

          So here's what I'm doing to achieve the above. Assume that m is the original CtMethod, c is the class it's declared in, pool is a ClassPool and that we're adding a new parameter of type String.

          // Add a new parameter of type string to the list of parameters
          CtClass[] parameters = m.getParameterTypes();
          CtClass[] newParameters = new CtClass[parameters.length + 1];
          System.arraycopy(parameters, 0, newParameters, 0, parameters.length);
          newParameters[parameters.length] = pool.get("java.lang.String");
          // Create and configure method
          CtClass returnType = m.getReturnType();
          CtMethod newM = new CtMethod(returnType, m.getName(), newParameters, c);
          // Add and configure method body
          newM.setBody(m, null);
          newM.insertBefore("// string parameter is $args[$args.length-1]");
          // Add new method to class

          Is this the best way to do this?