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    Javassist 3.9

    Howard Lewis Ship Newbie

      I noticed that Javassist 3.9 is available for download.

      I'm frustrated, as usual, that there were NO RELEASE NOTES. Why was there not an announcement? What changes are in 3.9?

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          Martin Burger Newbie

          -version 3.9 on October 9, 2008

          * ClassPool.makeClassIfNew(InputStream) was implemented.
          * CtNewMethod.wrapped(..) and CtNewConstructor.wrapped(..) implicitly append a method like _added_m$0. This method now has a synthetic attribute.
          * JIRA JASSIST-66 has been fixed.

          Directly taken from Readme.html. You can find this file in javassist3.9.GA.zip - as usual! ;-)