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    Adding member value with no name to annotation

    Alexandre Mendonça Newbie


      This is what I'm trying to achieve:

       public class MyClass {

      This is a fully javassist generated class, I am able to annotate with the @Entity, even add member values in form name=value... but how shall I proceed to add the member value to @IdClass?

      Tried this so far (with mv = new ClassMemberValue(MyPKClass.class.getName(), cp);):

      - annotation.addMemberValue( "", mv );
      - annotation.addMemberValue( null, mv );
      - annotation.addMemberValue( -1, mv );
      - annotation.addMemberValue( 0, mv );

      Even tried to add annotation with param itself, wich didn't worked obviously:

      new Annotation("javax.persistence.IdClass(MyPKClass.class)", cp);

      Obviously I'm on the desperate side, trying desperate solutions... Any help ?

      Thanks & BR
      Alexandre Mendonca