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    Using Resteasy with javassist?

    Mike Hepple Newbie

      I'm trying to use resteasy to serve out some entities fetched by spring-hibernate.

      I've configured one method which returns a POJO and works as expected:

       public Episode getTestEpisode() {
       Episode e = new Episode();
       return e;


       <episode episodeId="0">

      However, if I try and return something from spring/hibernate I get an error:

      Could not find MessageBodyWriter for response object of type: com.company.domain.Episode_$$_javassist_27 of media type: application/xml

      I imagine this is some magic with javassist, however I think it's confusing JAX-B by not being the expected class. Can I tell JAX-B where to look for the annotations, or can I get a POJO from this object?

      Never used javassist directly, so not sure how it works.