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    How to do it............

    Ravi Pal Newbie

      Dear users,
      I am working on a task which is to make new method with one extra parameter , using the existing method source like :

      Original Method :
      Method A (int a) {
      return a+2;

      Generated Method :
      MethodAx(int a, MyClass b) {
      return a+2;

      Than i need to change the original Method body to:

      Method A(int a) {
      MethodAx(a,new MyClass());

      So basicaly it is redirection.

      My problem is i am not able to put the Extra parameter call inthe Original Method.

      I am not able to generate
      MethodAx(a,new MyClass()); this line of code.

      Any help will be greatly Appriciated.

      Thaking in advance.

      Ravi Pal