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    Javassist release numbering

    Howard Lewis Ship Newbie

      Two question/issues about Javassist release numbering.

      First, I would prefer that the version number of Javassist be placed into the JAR file name; i.e. javassist-2.6.jar.

      This has become a common and extremely useful practice; it is very useful in tracking down dependency issues. I usually rename the .jar before using it but would like to encourage embedded version numbering as a good standard practice.

      Second ... what's the rationale behind the numbering? How stable is 2.6? How different is it from 2.5.1?

      I think this naming scheme (http://javatapestry.blogspot.com/2003_07_27_javatapestry_archive.html#10595687808230181) is better; it incorporates the stability of the release into the name.

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          Shigeru Chiba Expert


          "oscpro" wrote:
          "oscpro" wrote:
          "oscpro" wrote:

          I found a solution. In jbosscmp-jdbd.xml you add:

           <field-name><!-- include here the name of the primary key field of the other side (ie. id)--></field-name>
           <column-name><!-- include here the name you want to give to you foreign key column (ie. address_id)--></column-name>

          If you use xdoclet you just add:

          * @jboss.relation
          * related-pk-field = "id"
          * fk-column = "adress_id"