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    Where to load/define generated classes

    Andrew Wild Newbie

      I'm using JavaAssist to create proxies and transport classes on the fly to take some of the tedium out of our project and help speed development. Not to mention the response 'feels' alot faster than throwing maps around.

      Right now we generate classes on demand and define them in a custom loader created in a singleton hanging off the the context loader. While this approach is working it's not without issues. At runtime there two loaders created one on the webapp the other on the EJB side, during redeployments it's often necessary to redeploy both sides of the app to ensure generated classes stay in-sync.

      I was thinking about stuffing the generated classes into the UnifiedLoaderRepository and letting JBoss loaders define the classes. I'm not certain however how we would drop the classes during upgrades and redeployments? Would I need my own UCL with it's own repo?

      Can anyone point me in the direction of some samples/code that use the UCL stuff so I can give this a go?