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    Intercept method an field call part 2

    a a Newbie

      if i ha a big application = 2 or plus class ,and i want to intercept calls,
      i can make reflective all classes of my application ,
      i tried , but i 've recived an error at runtime:

      ClassPool pool = new ClassPool();
      javassist.reflect.Loader rl = new javassist.reflect.Loader();
      rl.makeReflective("firstclass", "VerboseMetaobject","javassist.reflect.ClassMetaobject");
      rl.makeReflective("secondclass", "VerboseMetaobject","javassist.reflect.ClassMetaobject");
      rl.run("firstclass", args);

      first class instances second class,
      i recived the error:
      ArrayIndexoutofBound :11