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    how to put image file on client machine through JBOSS

    Bhupendra nath Newbie

      I need to imlement the functionality like google map on website, where my server is JBOSS server. We used the newest technology SVG(scalable vector graphics) which doesn't loose the image quaility on increasing the size of the image.

      we are doing backend processing of the image and throwing the png images on the client. machine. I already written a program which can be used at the time of zooming and panning of the image and can throw the image but that is all PC based. but when I am implementing on the server it is giving error because code is not getting any output directory to save the image on sever.

      Please tell me if that can be happen through caching or how can I save image on client machine without user authenication and can retrieve on the web page. so that my server doesn't have extra load.