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    JBoss Remoting and JSR 160 (JMX Remote API)

    Marco Lange Newbie

      At the moment I am trying to understand the JBoss architecture and I am reading a lot of code, because I have been working with JBoss for more than one year now, and I would like to contribute to the project.

      Currently, I am dealing with JBoss Remoting and last week I stumbled upon JSR 160 and I am wondering why JBoss Remoting is designed from scratch and why you did not consider JSR 160 as an alternative to JBoss Remoting as it is currently designed. Did I maybe overlook some important differences between JBoss Remoting and JSR 160?

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          Tom Elrod Master

          There are two reasons. First the remoting package is at a lower level than JMX Remoting (JSR 160) in that it only deals with sending request across the wire (regardless of application context, such as JMX). The JMX Remoting, JMS, and other implementations will actually sit on top of JBoss Remoting.

          The second reason is that JBoss Remoting was started before there were any releases of JSR 160 spec and as part of the JBoss implementation of JMX Remoting, we will be integrating the necessary requirements for JSR 160 (where needed).