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    user question: RMI configuration?

    mazz Master

      I'm looking through the Remoting alpha package, specifically the etc/ config files.

      I see that the socket: and async: transports are defined in remoting-service.xml, but I do not see an rmi: transport in there. Was looking for that as an example how to configure the system for RMI remoting.

      Can someone post an blurb for that config... unless I'm confused and am missing something (which is highly probable :-)

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          Tom Elrod Master

          All that is needed is to change the InvokerLocator attribute value. So, for rmi, would be:


          A handler will need to be specified if using the service xml to start the remoting connector service.

          Also worth noting that am currently adding ability for finer grained configuration (for the specific transports), which will be in beta release next month (or can get it from CVS HEAD).

          Another note about transports, the soap and async transports are being removed. The soap transport does not make sense, as no way to provide a standard SOAP interface for thirdparties to use, so will be replaced with HTTP invoker. The async will be replaced with nio transport (but this is further out).