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    Serializable required?

    mazz Master

      For objects that I want to send from client to server via the invoke() and objects that I want the server to return back to the client - should they explicitly implement Serializable? I'm getting a NotSerializableException because I did not make my objects serializable. Does the remoting infrastructure expect all non-primitives to be explicitly serializable or is it supposed to do some neat trickery under the covers to help me avoid that?

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          mazz Master

          So, all works well when I make sure all the objects I plan to (un)marshall are Serializable. I think because I'm using socket: protocol, I need to make sure I do this. Not 100% sure on why but I do know that all works well once everything is Serializable.

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            Tom Elrod Master

            By default, the socket invoker will use the SerializableMarshaller/Unmarshaller, which does require the objects being sent over the wire to be serializable (as is just using ObjectOutputStream/ObjectInputStream). There isn't a marshaller yet that will automatically handle non serializable payloads yet. Have added an issue in Jira for this (JBREM-28)