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    JBoss Remoting or JXTA ??

    Steven Ksiazek Newbie

      We are building an application that needs to share data between multiple JBoss servers. The original system architect, who has since left the project, suggested using the JXTA P2P stack for sending messages and objects between servers. Well, I'm not really fond of the way JXTA was plugged into JBoss, so I need to fix that portion of the implementation anyway. Fortunately ( or unfortunately ) there isn't that much JXTA framework in place that needs to be refactored, so I'm pretty much starting from scratch.

      I know if I build a proper JXTA implemtation, I will get auto-discovery of other peers in the group, it handles autoconnect / disconnect, and I can marshall data to the remote server to multiple endpoints with their pipes interface. Would I get any extra benefit from switching to Jboss remoting, other that possibly easier configuration ?

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          Tom Elrod Master

          JBoss Remoting is built into JBoss AS (at least the newer versions), so will be there by default, so won't have to worry about plugging it in. My guess is that JBoss Remoting will be faster than JXTA for typical invocations (based on most JXTA implementations being XML based). I feel confident that the API and configuration is easier to deal with than with JXTA. Can also very easily switch out the transport protocol being used with JBoss Remoting.

          However, JBoss Remoting does not currently support multiple endpoints for invocations (but is on the road map). I'm not sure about the autoconnect/disconnect features of JXTA, so am not really sure about what this is or how it works. JBoss Remoting does require explicit connecting to remote endpoints (when using stateful transports).

          Hope that helps.