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    network registry hold local servers?

    mazz Master

      I have a JBoss/Remoting server running - everthing is good.

      I then have an object that makes a JMX call to the Network Registry - calling getServers.

      I'm getting back an empty array.

      Does the registry only contain servers that are running on remote machines or remote JVMs? Or is it supposed to contain ALL servers, include those local to the registry itself? If its the latter, I'm doing something wrong :-)

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          Tom Elrod Master

          NetworkRegistry will only contain servers from remote JVMs. I think I may have documentation that suggests otherwise (and if so and you know where that is, can you point it out for me?). It will only be populated if you have a detector running locally as well.

          If want just local servers, can call:

          ServerInvoker invokers[] = InvokerRegistry.getServerInvokers();

          I can add code for the connector to look for a NetworkRegistry locally and add its local server. Do you think this is needed? One of the reasons I have not done this to date is the remoting client/server can run without JMX, but NetworkRegistry and Detectors require it.