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    remoting on Jboss 3.x

    mazz Master

      I'm curious to know about the possibility of running JBoss/Remoting inside JBoss 3.x.

      As we know, JBoss/Remoting can run standalone - so it doesn't have any JBossAS dependencies. However, due to some libraries that ship with JBoss/Remoting, there are classpath/classloading issues that occur if you run in JBossAS (i.e. JBossAS ships with the same libraries - which may or may not be the same versions as those libraries shipped with JBoss/Remoting).

      But what if I just want to run the "client" portion of JBoss/Remoting in a JBossAS (3.2.3 to be exact)?

      I assume there will still be problems (jboss-common.jar is probably used on both client and server). But I figured I would ask. Is it possible to separate out the client API and its components from the server and run it in JBossAS 3.x. [as I type this, I'm coming to the realization that you can't do this, but since I'm here I'll post this just to get the confirmation]

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          Tom Elrod Master

          I don't know all the touch points in remoting to external JBossAS, but my guess would be that it would not be able to run within an older version dues to these.

          I will be building a jboss-remoting-client.jar as part of this next release, so will be easier to narrow what the dependancies will be.

          As a side note, remoting has existed in the 3.x releases since 3.2.4, but is one of the very early versions. So the API is a little bit different (and really isn't supported any more).