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    Progress Feedback In Remoting

    Hasan Ceylan Newbie


      I have an interesting question.

      Currently I am developing an RCP using eclipse. Having been amazed with eclipse's user feedback framework with progress monitors, I would like to implement the same monitors for client/server communications. By the way my prefered development is EJB3/Jboss.

      More precisely, I would like get feedback about percent done in data transfers both up/request and down/response. So that just like an ftp client reporting the amount left, I can report back user roughly the amount of time he/she needs to wait.

      I have not got into the jboss remoting source yet. So am not sure if necessary implementation is there, in progress etc...

      A quick question though: does the jboss remoting know on each side how much data it expects at the beginning of the conversation? Because this would be starting point to such an implementation...

      Would you think that such an implementation would add value to jboss remoting?

      Hasan Ceylan