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    JBAS-2523 - "Unified" naming context factory

    Adrian Brock Master

      Discussion thread for:

      My comment on an earlier discussion on the dev-list

      On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 16:49, Scott M Stark wrote:
      > Moving all of the other org.jboss.naming classes to the naming module is
      > not possible without either changing names of
      > services/InitialContextFactorys, and this would break existing service
      > descriptors and jndi.properties files/examples.

      I think we should tidyup/consolidate the InitialContext factories

      We already have a number of different implementations doing
      different things (excluding the protocol specific ones):

      Basic, but also includes hardwired ha policy

      Provides access to the last jndi env

      Does an automatic login

      For automatic orb injection in case somebody uses CosNaming

      My preference is to use JBoss Remoting's notion of a locator
      for the provider url.