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    Trying to use multiplex to implement UIL2 style transport

    Tim Fox Master

      One of our critical tasks in JBoss Messaging is to have a "UIL2" style transport - with this transport sockets are only created from client to server, and the same socket is used for communication from server to client.


      This is because it is very common for clients not to be able to accept sockets connections (firewalls etc.).

      I've been informed that the new multiplex transport completes this task - but I'm having trouble working out how to configure it for this use case.

      Looking through the docs for the multiplex transport it seems to require a *pair* of sockets one from client to server and one from server to client. In our case, clearly we can't have a socket from server to client.

      How do I configure this transport to use only a single socket from client to server for duplex communication?