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    Source artifacts and jbossas version

    Scott Stark Master

      I added a jboss-remoting-src.zip artifact to the remoting build that should be included in the repository artifacts to simplify testing for other projects, and added jboss-remoting-src.zip artifacts to the 2.2.0.Alpha2 and 2.2.0.Alpha4. I see there are two Alphas past the current jbossas version. Is there a reason for that?

      Just testing an update to 2.2.0.Alpha4. I see that jbossws is not marked as being compatible with anything past 2.2.0.Alpha2.

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          Tom Elrod Master

          Pretty much any alpha release of remoting is due to either bug fixes or added features for messaging. Any Beta, CR, or GA release of remoting should be posted as full release (i.e. to sourceforge) and include source (as well as doc, samples, etc.).

          Don't know what version of remoting jbossws is up to now (last I heard, was a 1.4.x version).