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    Richfaces and Safari 3

    Leonid Lamburt Newbie


      I have a problem related to JIRA Bug RF-1462:

      My jsf (facelet + richfaces) pages do not render in Safari 3 browser unless

      I put <f:view contentType="text/html"/> (as recommended in RF-1462).

      However, this doesn't fix this problem completely.
      I have a form on the page with several ajax fields
      <h:selectOneMenu ...> <a4j:support reRender="..." /></h:selectOneMenu>

      Ajax is working properly before I submit the form -- It populates on-the-fly

      additional <h:selectOneMenu... fields.

      When I submit the form with all the required fields set, the page doesn't pass the validation.

      The error message states the not all the required values have been supplied.

      Sometimes it works if I reset the required fields and submit this form again.

      Thanks. Any help will be really appreciated.