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    Servlet transport is completely broken.

    Alex Besogonov Newbie

      Servlet transport (in Remoting 2.0) is broken in sooooo many ways....

      1) There can't be two servlet invokers (it's necessary, for example, if you want to use them for JBoss Messagning and for EJBs - they require separate connectors) because ObjectName is hard-coded in ServletServerInvoker.java
      2) Null returns from invokers are sent to client as empty 204 responses and custom marshallers have no change to process return value. This breaks JBoss Messaging which expects that EVERY message contains at least two bytes (version tag and format tag).
      3) No support for PINGS.
      4) etc.

      I've fixed all of them :) Now I can use JBoss Messaging using servlet connector. Should I send patch version?

      BTW, probably some of these bugs are present in other invokers (HTTP invoker, in particular).