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    TransporterClient lacking create wrappers

    craig bordelon Newbie

      Is it just me or does anyone else notice that TransporterClient.java seems to lack coherent constructors and create methods.

      just today i added this very simple "hack" createTransporterClient method as there seemed to be no way to actually use the feature for LoadBalancing in a proxy manner (and i thought Transporters was all about simple & proxy!).

      The total code i added to make Transporter loadbalancing useable:

      public static Object createTransporterClient(String locatorURI, Class
      targetClass, LoadBalancer loadbalancer) throws Exception {
      Object rem = createTransporterClient(locatorURI, targetClass,
      true); ((TransporterClient)Proxy.getInvocationHandler(rem)).loadBala
      ncer = loadbalancer;
      return rem;