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    JBossCX -- JBossJCA and Remoting

    Weston M. Price Master

      It has been proposed to combine the JBossJCA and JBossRemoting projects into a single project. This project with the tentative name JBossCX would be a new home for

      * JBossJCA
      * JBossRemoting
      * Any shared connectivity modules/functionality from both projects. The high level goals of the project are

      1) Provide a single point of departure for any connectivity related functionality in JBoss5 regardless of where this functionality may reside in the 'stack' in terms of abstraction

      2)Organize the project as a first class citizen on par with EJB3, Microcontainer etc.

      3) Take advantage of the new JBoss build system work utilizing Maven as the primary build system.

      4) Provide connectivity services to a variety of projects namely JBM, EJB3, ESB etc.

      5) Provide the foundation for a unified connectivity solution

      as integration with thirdparty systems becomes relevant.


      Currently JBossJCA is due for a rewrite to use the Microcontainer as the underlying framework versus JMX. While pieces of this have been completed (deployers, programmatic *-ds.xml deployment etc) the new implementation will be aided by being isolated from JBoss as a whole making the migration process easier to manage. Discussion around these varying aspects can be found here:


      Similarly, JBossRemoting is currently beginning work on Remoting3 which will offer an NIO based implementation replacing Remoting2. More on this can be found and discussed here:


      This new proposed structure should not be confused with one module replacing the other. Nor should this be taken as a sign that one project will be 'folded' into the other. This is simply an effort to combine two related projects having connectivity as a primary aim into a larger framework; the primary impetus being better able to service clients as we move towards a more modular and, hopefully better, structure with JBoss5.

      Thoughts, comments, suggestions?