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    3.0.0-M1 tagged

    David Lloyd Master

      I've tagged 3.0.0-M1. This is essentially an alpha version of Remoting 3. The main features that distinguish this version from what come before are:

      * It compiles
      * It can connect via JRPP and local protocols
      * Simple invocations work (no streaming yet)

      This is a great point for others to get involved - check out the code base, try building it, try making it do stuff. Open bugs in JIRA, and let your opinions be known on this forum. In return, I promise not to break the build anymore after this release.

      I'll give you one hint to get started - you need to create an Endpoint using Remoting.createEndpoint(). For the rest - good luck! :-)

      (Did I mention that we need a user manual?)