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    Server push

    Alexandre Emeriau Newbie


      Well, i'm not asking for help here but to make a suggestion / ask for information i have already searched in this forum without success :

      Is server push capability planned into the Seam remoting roadmap ?
      I just make my first approach of Seam and i read that, for the moment and like the Echo2 framework and also ZK if i remember well, we have a "cyclic server pulling interval" to emulate a push.

      But what about a real push capability we are used to name http streaming / comet / bayeux / reverse ajax ?

      Some don't manage to, some tried but have strong drawbacks (like people from lazlo), and some others did it beautifully (dwr with tibco, smartclient...)

      If it's planned, perfect.
      If it's too hard, would it be easier to use DWR directly into Seam ? It's licence is compliant as i know.

      By the way, DWR integrates with many external libraries like Struts, JSF, Webwork, Rife and so on. See the section on integration http://getahead.org/dwr/integration

      And about reverse Ajax:
      Comet, a.k.a. Reverse Ajax (http://getahead.org/dwr/reverse-ajax) in DWR 2.0 needs careful configuration (http://getahead.org/dwr/reverse-ajax/configuration) to work around the various network problems that can arise.

      We have enough ressources to have reverse ajax into Seam to my mind.
      Except DWR and still with a compliant licence, we have pushlets http://www.pushlets.com/.
      Another example is LightStreamer http://www.lightstreamer.com. This one is free but don't have a compliant licence with the one of Seam.

      That would be particulary useful into Seam as there are cool things and real needs that you simply can't answer with a push "simulation" which is more a "trick", a "plan B" than a real solution to the concept.