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    2.4.0 PDF Documentation issue

    Trustin Lee Apprentice

      I'm reading the PDF version of the Remoting 2.4.0 Guide, and found a few subtle issues with formatting:

      * URL is not represented as a link. Clicking on a link in a PDF viewer should show the URL in a user's preferred browser. An example can be found in the section 1.3, page 2.

      * Some example code has unnecessarilly big indentention. Please take a look at the section, page 15.

      * Some example code goes beyond the page margin, consequently being truncated. Please take a look at the page 20.

      I think these needs to be fixed and I can definitely contribute as I read the guide. Let me try to check in the fixes whenever possible.

      However, the problem that an example code goes beyond the page border needs some changes in our docbook style, which is beyond my knowledge. I think we can work around by formatting the code beautifully meanwhile.