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    Remoting 3: Package rename - again

    David Lloyd Master

      Much as I hate to do this, it's looking like we're going to have to rename the Remoting 3 "org.jboss.remoting" to "org.jboss.remoting3" if we want this to be included into the AS, since there are components that cannot be migrated from 2 to 3 at this time.

      This means a couple things. On the upside, it means the Remoting 2 and Remoting 3 can both be visible to a classloader at the same time (which is in fact the point of the change). The downside is obviously that anyone who has started developing against 3.0 will have to change everything to use the new package name.

      Anyone have any other thoughts about this? If not, expect the 3.1 release to live under "org.jboss.remoting3".