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    JBoss RMI + Serialization performance issue

    ravi c Newbie


      This is w.r.t. http://labs.jboss.com/jbossremoting/docs/benchmark/performance_benchmark.html where comparision between diffarent protocols is done. The page also gives the JUnit code that generated the graphs. we are trying out with 2.5.2. version.

      We are evaluating Java RMI and JBoss RMI over socket + Jboss serialization. We see that Java RMI with Java serialization is always atleast 20% faster than Jboss RMI + socket + Jboss serialization.

      i am unable to understand the below from the test cases.

      1. The payload uses byte[1024] empty array always. and the object is never serialized.
      2. why byte[] as theres not thing there to serialize in it
      3. Even on using byte[1024] to be sent across using jboss and java rmi we see java rmi is superior on our machines.

      If this is the case then how ar the graphs generated? Or am i missing something very important. Please help.