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    Timezone problem

    Yanik Crépeau Newbie

      According the PostNukes documentation, the timezone field in user preference is there to print the time in "user's timezone" for various PN fonctions.

      So, I have expected that the time posted when someone use the forum to be in my "local time". This is not the case.

      I have re-checked my own personnal timezone in my preference and went to the Test forum and... my message was timstamped 2 hours in the past.

      It is now 2003-05-12 00:25 -04:00 or 2003-05-12 04:25 UTC but I guess that you will se that the time I have posted is 2003-05-11 22:25.

      Does that mean that JBoss's PostNuke is unable to carry the user's timezone to Jives to display the time in the correct timezone?

        • 1. Re: Want to help develop a Distributed HA-JMS

          Yes, I am on this one. The work is not big enough to split effectively between two of us.

          If you'd like to help, you can write a test plan and example client code for the upcoming HA-JMS improvements. The deliverables should include a document with step-by-step instructions along with source code and binaries that will allow someone to verify that HA-JMS is running fine.
          An example scenario:

          -- start of example --
          1) Install and configure two identical instances of JBoss 3.2.4 or later on two computers that reside on the same subnet

          2) Configure the DefaultDS on both JBoss instances to point to a single database, preferably PostgreSQL, MySQL or another production grade database

          3) Start JBoss in configuration "all" on both servers

          4) Run the provided example client code (this is where you come in, mkprim)

          3) You should see the following output:
          - Connection established successfully to HA-JMS via HAJNDI
          - Successfully registered a durable subscribtion for topic TestHAJMSTopic
          - Successfully registered publisher for topic TestHAJMSTopic
          - Sent test message "TestMessage1"
          - Received test message "TestMessage1"
          - Disconnecting without unregistering subscriber in order to test durable subscription fail-over
          - Connecting and registering another publisher
          - Sending message for durable subscription "DurableTestMessage1". Message sent.

          4) Now login to the jmx console on one of the two JBoss servers and inspect the MBean named jboss.mq:service=HAJMSSingletonController. See the value of the attribute CurrentSingletonHost. The attribute should indicate which of the two servers is the acting singleton.

          5) Stop the singleton JMS server

          6) In the console executing the client code, you should see the following messages:
          - Received JMS connection listener exception. Reconnecting...
          - Connection established successfully to HA-JMS via HAJNDI
          - Successfully registered a durable subscribtion for topic TestHAJMSTopic
          - Received durable failover test message "DurableTestMessage1"
          - HA-JMS example passed!

          If all the steps above passed as described, then you have a working HA-JMS deployment.

          -- end of example --

          ... and so on. 5 or 6 more test scenarios like this would be a great addition to the JBoss wiki, once 3.2.4 goes out: