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    javax.naming.NameNOtFoundException:@nukes.datasource@ not bo

    sepand Newbie


      I have created DB tables, copied the nukes-ds.xml to my jboss "deploy" directory, successfully built nuke [using the build script in ../nukes/build/ dir], deployed nuke [using build.sh deploy in ../nukes/nukes/ dir].

      First I had the problem described earlier where only the WEB-INF and a couple of other directories where visible when i tried to check out Nukes at http://localchost:8080/nukes/index.html. So i tried to re-start JBoss and I get an error whilst JBoss is starting up saying "javax.naming.NameNOtFoundException:@nukes.datasource@ not bound.

      Any ideas ? Thanks in advance for any tips :-)