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      I try to build Nukes but I get following error message .
      Could some one help me.
      (I try to join the build.log file as attached file but this doesn't seem to work)
      thanks a lot


      [execmodules] Generating EJB deployment descriptor (ejb-jar.xml).
      [execmodules] 16 mai 2003 18:23:55 xdoclet.XDocletMain start
      [execmodules] INFO: Running
      [execmodules] Generating jboss.xml.
      [execmodules] Generating jbosscmp-jdbc.xml.
      [execmodules] INFO: Some classes refer to other classes that were not found among the sources or on the classpath.
      [execmodules] (Perhaps the referred class doesn't exist? Hasn't been generated yet?)
      [execmodules] The referring classes do not import any fully qualified classes matching these classes.
      [execmodules] However, since no packages are imported, xjavadoc has assumed that the referred classes
      [execmodules] belong to the same package as the referring class. The classes are:
      [execmodules] E:\program\nukes\nukes\nukes\src\main\org\jboss\nukes\core\ejb\UserEJB.java --> GroupEJBLocal qualified to org.jboss.nukes.core.ejb.GroupEJBLocal
      [execmodules] 16 mai 2003 18:23:56 xdoclet.XDocletMain start
      [execmodules] INFO: Running
      [execmodules] 16 mai 2003 18:24:02 xdoclet.XDocletMain start
      [execmodules] INFO: Running

      [mkdir] Created dir: E:\program\nukes\nukes\nukes\output\classes
      [depend] Deleted 0 out of date files in 0 seconds
      [javac] Compiling 104 source files to E:\program\nukes\nukes\nukes\output\classes
      [execmodules] E:\program\nukes\nukes\nukes\src\main\org\jboss\nukes\component\ComponentSupport.java:16: warning: org.jboss.mx.interceptor.PersistenceInterceptor in org.jboss.mx.interceptor has been deprecated
      [execmodules] import org.jboss.mx.interceptor.PersistenceInterceptor;
      [execmodules] ^
      [execmodules] E:\program\nukes\nukes\nukes\src\main\org\jboss\nukes\component\ComponentSupport.java:300: no interface expected here
      [execmodules] private static class CacheInterceptor extends Interceptor
      [execmodules] ^
      [execmodules] E:\program\nukes\nukes\nukes\src\main\org\jboss\nukes\mx\AttributeInterceptor.java:30: no interface expected here
      [execmodules] extends Interceptor
      [execmodules] ^
      [execmodules] E:\program\nukes\nukes\nukes\src\main\org\jboss\nukes\mx\LifeCycleInterceptor.java:21: no interface expected here
      [execmodules] public class LifeCycleInterceptor extends Interceptor