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    for those who want to deploy a real nukes


      I found a cheap J2EE hosting with Virtual Private Server. I purchased the offer for one month to test it.

      I have got my nukes running easily. Basicaly VPS offers you a full redhat + mysql + jdk1.4.1.

      So I wgetted jboss-3.2.0RC4 quickly + the nukes-distrib.ear. Then mysql setup, copy the distrib into jboss + the drivers. Et voila, it worked fine.

      In addition core module persistence enabled me to customize it and have the changes persistent. For me it was really important to have that.

      The next step is to create a cute theme. :-)
      BTW if someone want to do a theme for Nukes on JBoss, so we can get rid of the Postnuke stolen one.

      I will tell you more later about it.

      The hosting is at jcentric.com, I purchased the pro offer for $33 per month which is very cheap.